In Turkey, the political parties forming the current government may not be able to participate to the upcoming elections.

As per law, such armed units some of which are being publicly financed are also not politically legitimate and closure of them is a strict requirement of the Turkish constitution. This is a provision for the Turkish law of political parties in Turkey, to protect the Turkish nation and the Turkish State. If otherwise happens, somehow, politically they already revealed that they will suppress the opposition with their units armed to continue to declare that they have won in every future election by relying on their armed so-called Islamic and fascist Paramilitary units. In political terms, they shouldn’t participate in the upcoming elections because they were the cause of such collapse, such dispersion, such disruption and deep disintegration of the Turkish state, economy and nation. It is also imperative that these reactionary autocratic totalitarian political forces be disarmed immediately and without delay after the subsequent elections. Because in a state, political parties can not have an armed wing. And the supreme State has the only authority having one armed force and that is the Turkish Armed Forces. Even the police can never carry guns as per the constitution. Any laws issued by so-called Islamic and Fascist parties giving authority to carry weapons issued are against the constitution because police have no authority to kill citizens. The state, which successfully disarmed by slaughtering without any mercy so-called left-wing but essentially ethnic racist terrorism in the East of the country, now needs to collect the arms smoothly and kindly in the possession of the other so-called political parties. Because they are the reservoir vestigials and residual sewers of the rabble thugs, but not real politicians in fact. They are randy, arrant, and notorious international criminal organizations financed by the public revenues. They are acting under the wings of the political parties. Ostensibly, they may look like political parties, in reality, they are all mafias and criminal suspects originated from the ochlocracy and mobocracy communities. The complicity stems from the so-called Islamic Sects. And these so-called religious sects, but in reality criminal gangs and their accomplices in politics cannot, by law, manage and direct Turkish politics. It is forbidden, as in every country. It is very likely that they may be smoothly disposed of soon and their assets. And their monies may all be confiscated. And last, Amnesty issued by politicians ally with criminal gangs for themselves and their crime-mates will have no effect in our secular, democratic, rule of law system. The reason for this is that it is stated in the temporary 21st article of our constitution that elections must be held on November 3, 2019. Contrary to this constitutional provision, the early elections held on 24 June 2018 are not valid and binding for the Courts. Because the decision of the “Turkish Grand National Assembly to hold the early elections on 24 June 2018 is contrary to the temporary 21st article of our constitution. This is the clear-cut concrete constitutional rule. The very essence of the word: The representatives in the Parliament were not constitutionally elected and thus they are not representatives constitutionally.


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