A new Turkey on law, justice, secularism and democracy may be built from its ashes with a national socialist government

Ortakoy Mosque and Bosphorus
Ortakoy Mosque and Bosphorus bridge in Istanbul at sunrise, Turkey

In Turkey, the State and Nation have been split just like a watermelon.

The reason for this is the so-called Islamist and so-called Nationalist, in reality autocratic, totalitarian, racist and fascist coalition that has appointed political party militants to the government, legislature and judiciary for 20 years in the country. The common feature of this reactionary coalition is that it uses the religion of Islam as a political tool to destroy the constitution and thus achieve its goals. The main policy of this reactionary and collaborator of imperialism the criminal organization that is hostile to its state and Turkish nation is to divide the society and prevent Secular, Democratic State of Law proponents of the constitution from reaching their goal of forming a new government. They want to do this in order to continue their autocratic and totalitarian government through fake elections as always have been in place in Turkey since the beginning. Under the yoke of this current reactionary government, an unprecedented confrontation hidden for 99 years, and civil clash began in the history of the Republic of Turkey. As their big daddy used to say in the past (God bless Turk and the Turkish State) “I wonder whether it will be blood or bloodless?” (May Allah have no mercy on the enemies of the nation and the state and punish them with the most severe and harmest punishments). The politicians from both sides of the political spectrum caused this risk of civil clash. The Turkish people have no sin. The autocratic, totalitarian, racist and fascist politicians divided the nation and the state culturally and politically for their own material and moral interests to set up and continue their hegemony. The reactionaries and the rest of the enemies of the state and nation from both sides of the political spectrum, who used, abused Islam and racism as political tools for themselves, have destroyed the free, democratic, secular State. That was our Turkish constitution destroyed by those reactionary radical rightest parties and so-called revolutionaries in reality ethnic separatist terrorist militants. Now, so-called nationalists, so-called Islamists and ethnic separatists terrorists whom they raised and supported their armed paramilitary terrorists with the monies that they plundered from budgets of the State and Municipalities are about to riot against the Republic and plan to declare Sharia rule. Their proposed state of the reactionary coalition will be veiled with Islam but in reality, it will consist of an ethnically divided nation and divided States. They, these mobs, also want to restore the caliphate on the nation in Turkey divided ethnically. This reactionary coalition is being supported by their imperialist collaborators. Also, this reactionary coalition in Turkey is supported by their ex-partner and ex-collaborators Gulenist international gang. However, since these rabble and reactionary miserable rascals remained lonely in Turkey after the Gulenist coup d’etat, they could not establish a regime and a state in place of the constitution and the secular democratic regime they destroyed. Their so-called Islamist Nationalist government which in reality consisted of Islamic cults, monopolies and mafia partnerships, will all remain under the weighty and massive ruins of the state collapsed. It is commented in the press that the country has entered the election period, but I predict that the regime is rapidly collapsing because it has not been able to produce solutions to political and economic problems, but only hides them. Because the current so-called Islamic and nationalist, in reality, totalitarian-fascist, regime believes that its decisions are absolute because they are divine, and because it does not listen to any type of discrete voice, it is on the verge of falling apart. Such a falling government will disintegrate faster than thought very quickly. This is going to be like a sudden crash of a plane on the ground. There will be no more reactionary organization that is an enemy to the state at all. After the collapse, essentially, I foresee that common interest in Turkey will need and demand a national socialist government and a constituent assembly in order not to restore the previous regime collapsed. Otherwise, since the country that is to say nation and the state bureaucracy, is already under the dominance of the radical rightist wings and even the so-called left-wing parties are their secret coalition, they all may divide the nation and the State forever since they are all the same causes of such collapse. Because sovereignty of the nation and the State in Turkey is still in the hands of right-wing reactionary traitor minds and such Miserables and mafioso mobs veiled with so-called Islam and racism. #InAllahWeTrustTRY #GodBlessTurkey #Turkey #Islamists #IslamicCults #Fascism #Reactionaries #Split #Clash #Sharia #MobsInTurkey #Ochlocracy

Ortakoy Mosque and Bosphorus bridge
Ortakoy Mosque and Bosphorus bridge in Istanbul at sunrise, Turkey

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