Wall Street, New York, New York
Wall Street, New York, New York

Open U.S. Company and U.S. Bank Business Account. This service is for non-U.S. Residents Non-US Citizens.

Company Formation in Turkey


Choose your company type: LLC or INC. Locations: Delaware, Wyoming, New Mexico, and Florida. 1-3 owners, only.


EIN Number is the company ID Number for tax purposes issued by the IRS (“Internal Revenue Service”). You need an EIN to open a bank account or register with an e-commerce company. We connect directly to the IRS website and can get your EIN in 48 hours!

LLC Operating Agreement

LLC Operating Agreement is the Article of Incorporation that governs the operations of a company. It also customizes the terms of a limited liability company according to the specific needs of its members.

An operating agreement outlines the ownership and member duties of your Limited Liability Company. It allows you to set out the financial and working relations among the business owners. It is required to open your LLC’s bank account, obtain your ITIN, and many more …

— Üntaç Güner

The purpose of the operating agreement is to govern the internal operations of the company in a way that suits the specific needs of the company owners. Even if is single-member LLC it’s still worth creating an operating agreement for your companmy.

— Üntaç Güner

U.S. Business Bank Account

Bank Account

We are an experienced, banking team. We have opened many of the business bank accounts for our clients, who are non-U.S. residents aliens. We can assist you to select the bank for your company in the U.S. and get your business bank account opened.

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  • Gold Package
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  • Platinum Package

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