Sell your golds! Our gold buying process simple

We buy gold bars! We pay you cash!

I am buying gold to assist my client to purchase gold from International markets.

We buy gold bars at wholesale price and pay you on the same day.

Transportation costs? No problem. We will bear the transportation costs of your load upon the receipts paid-up are presented to us in Istanbul. 

We will pay all Refinery Costs and/or Istanbul Stock Exchange Costs.

We will also bear all the Taxes and State Charges in Turkey.

Transport your gold with Turkish Airlines Cargo:

You may transport gold with Loomis, Brinks or any other Courier Company specialized to transport Precious Metals from your vault to and from Airport to the destination address.

We do not make any advance payments.

We do not provide you any bank guaranty in advance. Because, we just pay the price for the gold that physically exists, not for any gold that virtually exists.

The gold also must be present physically not virtually in Istanbul so that you can get Gold Analysis Report and the Gold Carat Certificate.

The physical existence of gold subject to sales is a legal requirement in gold sales because both the Gold Analysis Report and the Gold Carat Certificate must be issued officially in Istanbul for your golds, that are less than 995/1000 purity.

Authentication of the LBMA Certificates must be done at the Istanbul Gold Exchange for the golds at least 995/1000 purity.

Banks do not pay for the gold that physically does not exist in Turkey. In other words, the banks do not process the payment instructions for the golds that are virtual.

Payment instructions given by the buyers for the golds that physically do not exist in Turkey are not accepted by the banks. Because payment instructions for the golds that physically do not exist in Turkey are recognized by the banks as “Suspicious Transactions”. That is why your gold must physically exist in Istanbul in order to get payment from us.

We can make all payments only from a bank in Turkey, not from anywhere else in the World. This is because it is a legal requirement for us to pay for the golds from a bank in Turkey since we have to close the gold import file held in Customs Office by presenting the bank receipt proving the payment we made for our gold purchase; otherwise, the buyer would be subject to criminal prosecution and may be sentenced to jail if the buyer fails to submit such bank slip.

If the golds are more than 995/1000 purity, then these golds must have been refined by any refinery in the World, which is a member of LBMA. This is because it is an operational requirement of the Istanbul Gold Exchange.

We are ready to pay the price of these types of gold on the same day if these golds more than 995/1000 purity are delivered to our counters in the Istanbul Gold Exchange by 10:00 am.

If the golds are less than 995/1000 purity, both the Gold Analysis Report and the Gold Carat Certificate must be obtained in Istanbul by 10:00 am.

Also, such a Report and Certificate must be submitted to us by 10:00 am in Istanbul so that we can make payment on the same day between 16;00-17:00.

We will also pay for all the costs for Gold Analysis Reports and the Gold Carat Certificates.

We will also provide you legal, operational support and guidance. 

We can buy up to five hundred tons of gold every two weeks.

Let me know if you have any queries. Otherwise, please send me the price offer.


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